Thoburns Enforcement Services

Thoburns Enforcement Services Limited

Based in the North-East of England, we have over 52 years of experience in debt recovery.

The Company has established a reputation for courteous, efficient, and reliable service, which has been reflected in our customer base, supporting local government and private sectors.

Achieving fast, simple, reliable, efficient and cost-effective debt recovery has never been more important.

At Thoburns Enforcement Services Limited we strive to collect debts as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

We are all too aware that, in today’s market, failure to obtain payment for goods or services can be the downfall of any business.

That’s why we’re committed to turning your aged debt list into cash in the bank. This will ultimately improve your bottom-line recovery rate, profitability and, therefore, your collection rates.

With a wealth of experience, coupled with our personal ‘on the doorstep’ approach, our service has proven unbeatable in our ability to recover debt from defaulters…


Recovery Approach

Thoburns Enforcement Services Limited has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of revenue recovery as well as several specialist services. In any situation, we can carry out every part of the debt recovery process from the initial first call to the removal of goods.

We have a team of highly trained experienced Enforcement Agents making personal visits daily. They in turn have the backup of an equally experienced office team who are always on hand to give advice and assistance in any of the various situations our recovery teams may encounter.

We also administer the personal contact aspect of our profession as smoothly as possible. Enabling us to keep Clients, Enforcement Agents, Collectors and Debtors aware of the current case status.

We are respectful, honest, and trustworthy always operating in a responsible considerate manner, you can trust us to always act professionally.

Trusted Partner

Thoburns Enforcement Services Limited is fully aware of the increasing demands placed upon clients for cost efficiency, savings, and competitive challenges. Therefore, we are constantly seeking new solutions to ensure ongoing success and improvement, always working in partnership with our clients and developing strong relationships that are completely transparent.

We’ll create a bespoke solution that meets your requirements to give your organisation a competitive edge. And when your needs change, your solution can too. Every solution we provide is unique as we take the time and care to create the right package for you.

We realise the importance of good relations with your customers and take the time to research the reason for non-payment and whether there is a genuine reason for failure to pay.

Then we’ll do what we do best. Get your money back to where it belongs. In your bank account rather than your customer’s.


We have considerable experience in working for Local Authorities, handling contracts for Council Tax for the past 60 years!


Commercial rent

Commercial Landlords need to use a fast and effective remedy to recover their rent by using commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR)


Process Serving

We offer a service of documents by one of our own process servers. We will collect and serve documents quickly and in the most cost-efficient manner


sundry and misc debt

We offer a comprehensive and reliable service, developed to support our clients. Carried out by professional, fully trained staff.