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Thoburns Enforcement Services Limited offers a comprehensive and reliable service, developed to support our clients. It’s carried out by professional staff, fully trained in all aspects of relevant legislation and procedures.

Although most cases are settled without resorting to court action, we can confidently advise you on the most productive course of action to take in any circumstance.

All efforts are made to ensure individuals or companies have the means to settle a debt before judgment is served, or other appropriate action is taken. And evidence shows that merely involving an outside agency is generally enough to get outstanding debts paid.

However, occasionally, other methods of recovery are warranted.

Enforcement methods considered include Distress, Charging Orders, or Statutory Demands with most debtors paying rather than being declared bankrupt or having there property sold.

These methods have given us an unbeatable debt recovery success rate over the years.

Thoburns Enforcement Services
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