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Thoburns Enforcement Services Limited can distrain for rent arrears where practical on your behalf within 24 hours of receiving your instructions. Landlords need to use a fast and effective remedy to recover their rent. By using ‘distraint’ it could not be easier. Landlords padlock of commercial premises have a common law right to instruct a bailiff to levy distress on goods and chattels at the demised premises where the rent is overdue.

All that is required is that you tell us how much rent is outstanding and when it became due.

Where forfeiture is proposed most commercial leases give the landlord the right to terminate a tenant’s lease without leave of the court if the rent is in arrears and over the period specified in the lease. Forfeiture is achieved by peaceable entry to the demised premises, changing the locks and leaving notices of termination in prominent positions.

Again all you need to do is contact Thoburns Enforcement Services Limited and we’ll advise you step by step on how best to proceed. We are entirely flexible and able to extend payment periods, if instructed, with all cleared monies remitted immediately to our client’s bank account.

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